Weld County Republicans Welcome You!

Congratulations to our newly elected Republicans!  

Join us Monday, January 5th at the Weld County Swearing In Ceremony! 

John Cooke will be celebrating his transition to Senator Cooke on Saturday! 

Find the event details in the calendar!

Cory Gardner- US Senate
Ken Buck- US Congress
Cynthia Coffman- CO Attorney General
Wayne Williams- Secretary of State
Walker Stapleton- Colorado Treasurer
Jerry Sonnenberg- State Senate
John Cooke- State Senate
Steve Humphrey- State Representative
Perry Buck- State Representative
Lori Saine- State Representative
Steve Reams- Weld County Sheriff
Carly Koppes- Weld County Clerk and Recorder
Steve Moreno- Weld County Commissioner At Large
Julie Cozad- Weld County Commissioner District 2
Christopher Woodruff- Weld County Assessor
Charles Tucker- Weld County Council At Large
Jordan Jemiola- County Council District 2
Marge Klein- Weld County Council District 3

Thanks for all the hard work during the campaign season.  We look forward to the work to come!

If you have pictures from our Election Night Victory Party, please send them to Pam@WeldGOP.com
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